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the HorseWisdom Channel Guided by Equus

Jess Campmans

Channel the experiential universal wisdom of the horse to help you tap into harnessing the connected power of potential within. The HorseWisdom Channel is dedicated to the exploration and illumination of the sacred relationship within the horse/human connection, for those seeking a deeper and more harmonious connection to themselves, the horses & life. Join intuitive soul wisdom mystic and equine guided sacred messenger Jess Campmans and the Guided by Equus herd of Butte Morgan horses to discover how to embrace and cultivate the empowering wisdom of Equus into your life! Tune in with us each month as we share tools, tips, stories, perspective and inspiration for building a liberated co-creative relationship with your horses and building the legacy of your authentic soul fulfilling life at follow us on Instagram @horsewisdomluminaryjess

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